Baby Wipe Warmer

• Top Heating Method, 24h Constant Temperature
• Orange Night Light
• 120 Capacity Of Wipes
• Elastic binding, Double Fixation
• Single Key Open Cover, One Hand Extraction
• Rounded Edges And Corners, Smooth Touch

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Top Heating Design
The outer packaging of the wet wipes does not need to be disassembled, only the wet wipes that need to be used on the top are heated to keep the wet wipes moist and not dry.

More Temperature options
The wet tissue will maintain a constant temperature, the LCD display can display the temperature in real time, and the temperature can be adjusted between 40-55°C.

Carefully Selected Materials
Made of strong and durable ABS plastic, impact resistance.

Huge Storage Capacity
Holds 120 wipes, suitable for all sizes of wipes on the market.

Energy Saving
8W low power only needs 1 kWh for 5 days, which is more energy-efficient than energy-saving lamps, and only needs 0.2 kWh for all-day work

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PP, Silicone





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