Portable Wearable Breast Pump

*Widen & Double-Sealed Flange, Pumping Better 
*Free Hand, Free Rein, LCD large screen 
*3 modes and 9 levels of intensity 
*Motion without leaking, 360 degrees of mobility 
*All removable for easier and more thorough cleaning 
*Hospital grade, quieter and more discreet
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*3 Modes and Each 9 Gears

It offers three selectable modes: a massage mode, an expression mode, and a mixed mode, each with nine adjustable suction levels for a more comfortable milk pumping experience.

*Pump Wherever and Whenever.Free Hand, Free Rein

No wire tangle, no wall restriction, this bra-fit wearable breast pump allows for ultimate free pumping on the go for multitasking and body motion to exercise, which is a shortcut for moms to get the balance of nursing babies and regain normal lives.

CONTINUOUS LATCH: Our portable breast pump delivers hospital-grade suction strength and optimal output. Patented Continuous Latch technology and spill-proof milk bags enable a full range of motion without leaking. So soft as a baby’s lips, so collecting as a baby’s mouth, our electric breast pump Pro wearable breast pump has an upgraded design compared to the normal ones, which can snug tighter and closer to your breasts to not only pump more efficiently and more comfortably but also prevent milk leaking effectively!

*LCD large screen

The LCD large screen of this wearable breast pump allows for easy reading even at one glimpse at night. Based on extensive user surveys,

*Pump peacefully

Operating at a low noise level of under 60dB, it won’t disturb a sleeping baby.

Additional information

Product Size


Quantity Per Carton


Maximum suction



Lithium battery 800mAh


ABS + PP + Silicone; food grade


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