5-in-1 Milk Warmer

Different amount of milk, different warm milk time.
5 Warm water modes
Double ear handle design, easy to pour water
Function completion beep
Teflon coating for easy cleaning
24H can be reserved
Warm milk disinfection integrated
Double bottles capacity

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1. PTC intelligent heating, continuous constant temperature without high temperature
2. NTC temperature sensor probe
3. Does not destroy the nutritional content of breast milk or formula
4. 5-in-1: 40 ℃ warm milk, unfreeze, make milk, 70 ℃ food processor, 100 ℃ disinfect
5. 24H can be reserved / 5 functions / warm milk disinfection integrated / warm milk temperature precise control / double bottle enlarged and widened
6. Precisely controlled bottle warmer: Warm milk, Thawing, heat, Warm water for milk, sterilize.
7. Five Warm water modes: Precise temperature control from 37°C to 55°C, 70°C fast heating complementary food, 100°C sterilized feeding bottle.
8. Large capacity. The warmer tank can hold feeding bottles of various sizes inside, and usually can hold 2 bottles inside at the same time.
9. Boil-dry protection.

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