Four Bottle Warmer

Multi-functional milk warmer AI intelligent precision milk warming
Milk warming/mixing/defrosting/sterilizing/steaming complementary food

Accurate temperature control; High temperature disinfection; Constant warm milk; Quick milk mixing; Mild thawing; Heated complementary food ; Wechat/whatsapp: +86 18957909899

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Accurate warm milk easy to adjust the material and milk volume of the bottle to match the warm milk time

Fast warm milk baby drink milk do not wait; Defrost 37-45°C to restore breast milk temperature

Heat flow internal circulation heating milk is accurate and fast
Automatic power off after high temperature disinfection
One click to make an appointment for night milk without panic

Quick hot food to enjoy: steamed food/Keep warm food

Food grade PP material, high temperature resistance without odor
Teflon coating, no need to remove the machine clean a wipe that is clean
Uniform hollow design, uniform heating is easy to drain water
LED smart large screen, large digital display can also be easily operated by the elderly

Additional information

Heating principle

heating plate heating

Combination form

two in one

Control mode

Smart touch screen

Power supply mode

Plug in

Heating method

water injection heating

Raw material

food grade PP and silicone

Rated power


Package size



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