Baby Food Processor Steamer Puree Blender

• High borosilicate glass cup body, ABS base
• 4 blades stainless steel
• Separate structure for easy and thorough cleaning
• Strong power + four spoiler columns + multi-dimensional blades
• Baby grade material

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Designed for complementary food, care for baby’s fragile spleen and stomach.
304 stainless steel knife head, easy to grind and puree.
Powerful and light noise motor, 65-70dB grinding, no particles left.
Matching 3 kinds of cups, free to choose according to the needs.

4-6 months swallowing period, mixing fine and easy to absorb, balanced nutrition and strong growth.
6-7 months tongue crushing period, adding fruit and vegetable fiber, supplementing the liquid nutrition outside of breast milk.
7-9 months teething period, add fine powder in complementary food, perfect complementary food structure.

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