Baby Food Processor

Patented 180° 304 stainless steel flip steaming basket
78mm large diameter water reservoir, hand easy enters directly without dead angle for cleaning
50ml one meal at a time, environmental protection no waste
5-30min step-by-step adjustment of cooking time, free control

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Utility model patent: 180° rotatable 316 stainless steel food basket.. Say goodbye to complexity, just twist it. We equipped the traditional for basket with 3D buttons and transformed it into a 180° cup to quickly flip the cup. And isolate seondary pollution.

Intelligent timer: 5-30min adjustable. Our processor will automatically stop cooking at the set time. You can watch your baby or TV at the same time without worrying about it all the time. And the use of microcomputer induction control, automatic power off when the tank burned dry, will not cause danger.

It can make as little as 50ml food to meet baby with a small appetite. Micro-complementary food can be made according to the babay’s consumption. No waste and very meal is fresh and nutritious, which does not increase the burden on the baby’s stomach.
Steam diversion heats the food evenly, retaining the nutrients and flavor of the food itself

Food grade PP, BPA free + Traitan blender, environmentally friendly and no odor + 316 stainless steel steam basket, easy to clean and no staining. 304 stainless steel low-cut cutter head, professional 4mm low cutting angle, deep into trace food and high-speed stirring.

Upgrade the wide diameter water tank, which is convenient and quick to fill the water. The parts can be disassembled for easier cleaning.

3 protections:
* dry burning protection
* The machine will stop automatically when the cover is opened
* The machine will not work if the cup body is not installed in place.

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PP, ABS, silicone

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