Baby Hair Dryer

1. Wireless bundle, can blow wherever you are
2. Low radiation, away from electromagnetic harm, suitable for baby’s healthy development
3. Low wind noise is not harsh, reduce the baby’s fear of noise

4. Soft wind, not hot skin, blowing more comfortable
5. Wireless contact seat electricity, take and use, convenient and quick
6. The product is light, only 230 grams, half lighter than similar products (more than 400 grams), easy to carry out! ; Wechat/whatsapp: +86 18957909899

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Additional function: Constant temperature hair care

Accessories list: complete machine+base+USB charging cable+manual

Wireless soft warm air

Specialized in research for infants and young children

Wireless infant hair dryer

Wireless holding/low radiation/light tone and low noise/dedicated for infants and young children

【GENTLE FLOW TO PROTECT BABY SKIN】 This cordless hair dryer for infant can effectively prevent eczema and diaper rashes if you blow the baby’s body quickly after washing and wiping. Better than drying skin with a towel or wiping baby powder.

【RADIATION-FREE NEGATIVE IONIC HAIR DRYER】Our mini blow dryer for kids has a power of 60W, and the air outlet is close to zero radiation. This hair dryer will release millions of anions to protect the baby’s hair which helps to reduce static electricity and make hair soft and smooth.

【SAFETY LOCK & PORTABLE DESIGN】Designed with a built-in safety lock to prevent children from playing with it at home or traveling. To activate the child lock press please press both buttons. The rechargeable baby hair dryer can be used anywhere you want after a full charge.

Additional information

Overheat protection


Wind speed gear


Rated power


Input voltage

5V–1.2A ; 7.4V

Battery specification

18650 lithium battery, 2000mAh*2, 10C discharge



Main material



146*90*65mm + 82*73*50mm


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